11 August 2011

Dinner at Kuchen Kaiser

Last night we were meeting some friends for an informal dinner, and we decided to go to Kuchen Kaiser.

This cosy restaurant, nicely located at Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg, serves the lucky Berliners since 1866 with different types of breakfast (including brunch on Sundays and festivities), salads, burgers, flammkuchen, and list of traditional German dishes, plus the daily specials. Everything that we have eaten here was very good. Last night I went for a classic flammkuchen (which are one of my weaknesses).

This restaurant offers a good opportunity to taste the Kreuzberger Molle beer, a pils which is brewed locally at Südstern, and tastes so natural and soft that I prefer to consider it some type of barley juice. In the picture you can also see a kaiser spritze, a summer drink containing white wine, elderflower, lime, and soda.

However, what Kuchen Kaiser is most famous for is cake (guess you didn't expect that, huh? ;-) ). The menu includes a very large selection (I counted 25 different cakes and pies!) although they normally don't have all of them. This is a picture of the cake cabinet, taken at a respectably late hour in the evening. We can assume that there were more cakes at the beginning of the day, but a horde of starving people devoured most of them.

If you are planning to go there for a celebration, you can order a whole cake in advance. We did that for a birthday a few weeks ago. We had a whole huge Schwarzwälder (black forest) cake which was absolutely delicious. The cream was very soft and light, the cherry marmalade was home-made, and overall it had just the perfect amount of sugar. We loved it, and now I suspect that we have turned into regular customers. I totally recommend it!

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