08 September 2011

Weekend in Cádiz

I went to Cádiz last weekend, to visit my parents and grandma. And to finally catch some summer feeling. The first thing that always strikes me when I go back is the light there, how clean blue the sky looks, how intensely all the colours shine... I don't have the skills needed to capture all that in a picture. The area does not receive the name "Costa de la luz" ("Coast of light") in vane.

That's me swimming in the Atlantic in a gorgeous beach morning

My mother is one of the best cooks I know. This sounds like a cliché, but is completely true. Not only is she a great cook, but also a loving mother who had the gentleness to treat me with all sorts of fresh fish during my visit. What a pleasure that was, and how grateful my emigrant stomach still feels. Thank you, mommy!

Assorted fried fish: anchovies, marinated dogfish, hake, and king prawns

Roasted bullet tuna

I love fish, far better than meat, and that gives me a hard time here in Berlin. The Germans do eat fish sometimes, but certainly not as often as I would like. I know a couple of restaurants in Berlin that serve good fish, sometimes fried, sometimes roasted and with sauce, sometimes pickled. But I miss the rather simplistic Andalusian cooking style, those recipes in which the predominant taste is the fish's own taste (ehem ehem... except in marinated dogfish!)

All right then. I guess I'm just feeling a bit homesick.

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